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Pretty in Pink DVD

Here is another good movie deal! Pretty in Pink just dropped to $3.99 on Amazon for the FIRST time. This popular 80’s movie starring Molly Ringwald is also eligible for free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime. If you’re not a member, you can get a 30-day free trial. There are no strings, you can cancel the day your trial is over and not pay a cent.

Movie Description

Young Andie (Molly Ringwald) is one of the not-so-popular girls in high school. She usually hangs out with her friends Iona (Annie Potts) or Duckie (Jon Cryer). Duckie has always had a crush on her, but now she has met a new guy from school, Blane (Andrew McCarthy). He’s one of the rich and popular guys but can the two worlds meet?

If you’re a Molly Ringwald fan – you can also grab Sixteen Candles (Flashback Edition) for just $4.99 (Reg 14.98).

The Dark Knight DVD

This is a great deal especially because it is shipped for free if you have Amazon Prime! The Dark Knight (Single-Disc Widescreen Edition) with Christian Bale is just $2.60! This DVD has over 2,000 reviews and 4.3/5 stars. Great stocking stuffer!

Product Description

The follow-up to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight reunites director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale, who reprises the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in his continuing war on crime. With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to destroy organized crime in Gotham for good. The triumvirate proves effective, but soon find themselves prey to a rising criminal mastermind known as The Joker, who thrusts Gotham into anarchy and forces Batman closer to crossing the fine line between hero and vigilante. Heath Ledger stars as archvillain The Joker, and Aaron Eckhart plays Dent. Maggie Gyllenhaal joins the cast as Rachel Dawes. Returning from Batman Begins are Gary Oldman as Gordon, Michael Caine as Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox.

10 Family Movies for $4.99

What kid doesn’t love adventure movies? Get some popcorn ready for family movie night with 10-Movie Family Adventure V.2. which Amazon is selling for just $4.99 (Reg $14.99). That works out to 50 cents a movie! Plus, you’ll see at least two familiar faces – Neil Patrick Harris and Ron White although I bet they’ll be quite a bit younger!

{Movies Included}

A young boy travels across the country to find his father.
A young couple and their infant son are stranded in a winter storm.
A couple moves to Alaska and finds themselves in a dangerous quest for survival.
A young boy from remote Tasmania must team up with his mean-spirited, city-dwelling cousin in search of a lost cow.
When a wealthy prospector is fatally injured, he sends his daughter on a journey to find her inheritance.
An inspiring story of three people, their unlikely friendship, and the wild stallion that changes their lives forever.
A frustrated young boy sets sail for a deserted island.
An orphaned teen and a young tribal hunter get lost in the wilderness.
Rugged Gold follows a widow’s courageous journey in the Alaskan wilderness.
The wild adventures of a boy and his loyal wolf-dog.

This isn’t the only 10-movie set available! Check out the 10-Movie Kids Pack which is also $4.99 (Reg $14.99).

10 Movie Kids Pack for $4.99

{Movies Included}

A young girl scores $3 million when she intercepts an email scam.
A young girl devises a clever plot so she doesn’t have to move away from her friends.
Zachary, a sideshow act touted as “the world’s fattest boy,” develops a friendship with two local youngsters.
When Cody gets lost while exploring in the woods, he finds a friend in the legendary creature, Bigfoot.
When a young boy’s pet elephant is shipped off to the zoo, he embarks upon an adventure to free his friend.
Bailey is a lucky pooch who inherits a billion dollar fortune and becomes the target of some expectant heirs.
After an alien shrinks their parents to the size of ants, two kids team up with a clever science teacher to return them to normal size.
When a dad takes his family on a camping adventure, a young Bigfoot wanders into their campsite.
Normal high school teenager Stan Dryer’s life is changed forever when, after receiving a mystical ring of power, he must fight the evil possessor of the twin ring.
Four kids become the owners of an ancient talking bird when it hatches from a magnificent egg after 2,000 years of rest.

The Hunger Games Blu-Ray Sale

Calling all fellow Katniss fans! Grab the The Hunger Games [2-Disc Blu-ray + Ultra-Violet Digital Copy] for just $12.00 (Reg $29.99!). That is 60% off this popular movie based on the books by Suzanne Collins. Plus, you will be able to watch this movie online instantly after purchasing it. Just go to your Amazon Video Library to find it.

Movie Synopsis

Every year in the ruins of what was once North America, the Capitol of the nation of Panem forces each of its twelve districts to send a teenage boy and girl to compete in the Hunger Games. A twisted punishment for a past uprising and an ongoing government intimidation tactic, the Hunger Games are a nationally televised event in which “Tributes” must fight with one another until one survivor remains. Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen volunteers in her younger sister’s place to enter the games, and is forced to rely upon her sharp instincts as well as the mentorship of drunken former victor Haymitch Abernathy when she’s pitted against highly-trained Tributes who have prepared for these Games their entire lives. If she’s ever to return home to District 12, Katniss must make impossible choices in the arena that weigh survival against humanity and life against love.

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amazon movie deals

Amazon is currently selling a bunch of popular movies at the lowest price. All movies listed ship for free with Amazon Prime but if you don’t have a Prime membership, just place an order of $25 or more.

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD + UltraViolet Digital Copy Combo Pack) for $19.99

2. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Blu-ray/DVD + UltraViolet Digital Copy Combo Pack)for $14.99

3. Cloud Atlas (Blu-ray/DVD + UltraViolet Digital Copy Combo Pack) for $14.99

4. Django Unchained (Two-Disc Combo Pack: Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet) for $13.00

5. Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy (Episode I: The Phantom Menace / Episode II: Attack of the Clones / Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) [Blu-ray] for $29.99

6. Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (Episode IV: A New Hope / Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back / Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) [Blu-ray] for $29.99

7. The Terminator (Remastered) [Blu-ray] for $7.96

8. Argo (Blu-ray/DVD Combo+UltraViolet Digital Copy)

9. Ted (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet)

10. The Bourne Legacy (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet)

11. Flight (Two-Disc Combo: Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy + UltraViolet)

12. Who Framed Roger Rabbit: 25th Anniversary Edition (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging)

All Dogs Go to Heaven $4.99

This is a cute movie! Get the All Dogs Go to Heaven [Blu-ray] for just $4.99. It ships for free with Amazon Prime or an order of $25 or more.

Movie Summary:

All Dogs Go To Heaven is a musical, animated exploration of the fundamental conflict between good and bad and of the notions of caring and friendship. While all dogs may be welcome in heaven, the open admission policy doesn’t necessarily ensure that a dog is worthy of, or even ready to accept his heavenly blessing. When criminal dog Charlie Barker (Burt Reynolds) and his sidekick Itchy (Dom DeLuise) escape from the dog pound, it isn’t long before they realize that former business partner-in-crime Carface (Vic Taybak) has turned against them. Carface puts a permanent end to the partnership by killing Charlie, but Charlie ascends to heaven only to spurn his promised life devoid of surprises and fight to return to a life of vengeance, danger, and adventure on earth.

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Avatar 3D Blu-ray and Blu-ray combo packWhat an incredible movie! Grab Avatar (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray/ DVD Combo Pack) for just $19.99 down from $39.99. Walmart is selling it for $26.96 so you’re saving about 7 dollars by shopping on Amazon.

Set in the future on a distant planet, Avatar spins a simple little parable about greedy colonizers (that would be mankind) messing up the lush tribal world of Pandora. A paraplegic Marine named Jake (Sam Worthington) acts through a 9-foot-tall avatar that allows him to roam the planet and pass as one of the Na’vi, the blue-skinned, large-eyed native people who would very much like to live their peaceful lives without the interference of the visitors. Although he’s supposed to be gathering intel for the general (Stephen Lang) who’d like to lay waste to the planet and its inhabitants, Jake naturally begins to take a liking to the Na’vi, especially the feisty Neytiri.

Avatar is Prime eligible. Otherwise just add another item valued at at least $5.01 for free super saver shipping. Check out more Amazon movie deals here.

Brave DVD sale

Grab the popular Brave DVD for just $13.98! That is 53% off the list price and the lowest price Amazon has sold it for. It is $19.98 at Walmart so this is a great deal! This DVD has 2,775 reviews (!) and 4.3 stars.

Movie Description:

Scottish princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald) certainly believes that a teenager should have control over her own life. She has little patience with the conservative ideas her mother (Emma Thompson) holds about proper etiquette for girls, and even less tolerance for her kingdom’s traditions regarding the marriage of a princess. An impulsive young woman with impressive archery skills and a no-nonsense attitude, Merida throws her realm into chaos when she disregards the customary procedure for finding a suitor and then disappears into the forest in defiance of her mother’s unbending ways. In the forest, will-o’-the-wisps appear and, since Scottish legend suggests that these unearthly spirits might lead one to his or her destiny, Merida follows them to the house of a strange witch (Julie Walters) who grants her wish to change her mother. The witch’s spell takes a most unexpected form, one that promises to test not only the bond between mother and daughter, but the bonds and bravery of the entire family and kingdom.

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